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Reload Thread: SKAR Audio VVX-12s testing!

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    SKAR Audio VVX-12s testing!

    Figured I'd cross post this over here to show some tests on the VVX-12s by the Team Sundown Russia guys! IMO the results were impressive

    So we've naturally been keeping an eye on Skar Audio over the past year or so due to the questions we get here in Russia from the people that follow our know, the usual - what do yoy think about Skar subs? when do you think they will be available in Russia? how do they stack up against so and so sub?

    so we had to get some

    As most of you already know - the quality and overall fit and finish on these subs is amazing. everything from the full-size dustcap to the magnet boot is just the way it should be

    So we popped the into the shop's Audi A4 sedan

    box is just a shade over 4.5 cubes net with a single 8" flared port firing to the side...on paper tunning is 37hz, but it peaks much lower due to the loading effect of the port firing into the fenderwell

    amp is a Sundown Audio SAZ3500D @ 0.5ohms with two XS Power bats and Shok industries wire....the stock alt in the audi is a dog however, so voltage easily drops below 12

    so, on to the scores

    with the subs fresh out of the package, with no break in we managed a 147.4 @ 30hz

    this was apparently no sweat for the subs and the were laughing at the power.... which was clamped at 2791 watts on this run with a drop to 11.6 volts and rise to just over 1.1ohms.... very impressive

    then we tried 30hz and were rewarded with a 148.00 !!!

    the subs obviously need more break in - we clamped 2640watts this time with 12volts and slightly over 1.2ohms

    then it was time to let them wang full-tilt ob a pretty rough track

    full-tilt for 3 minutes on a [email protected]Hal f-ohm metering 146+ the whole time with no hint of coil-smell = win in my book

    overall - we are really impressed with the subs...they pound the lows, move air and can put up numbers

    stay tuned for moar vids as i get them uploaded

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    Re: SKAR Audio VVX-12s testing!

    Man, makes me want my Skar VVX 10s even more

    Can't wait to get them this Friday!

    Headunit - Pioneer DEH-P8300UB
    Subs - None
    Sub Amp - 2x Crescendo 3kwp
    Front Stage - Polk Audio db651 Coaxial
    Front Amp - None

    Quote Originally Posted by zako View Post
    Most properly done 15 inch subwoofers are not suited for car audio use simply due to box size requirements.

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    Re: SKAR Audio VVX-12s testing!

    Those Russians get loud! 148 @ 30hz...very nice!

    Refs- DiabolicBass, nismos14,IonSQL,massiveaudiocw,sxpimpin,sundownz,8 7gr, nissan,Louie68,Tips,Trell,integra88,Ellsworthz,bas ebalz13,lil98cabrio,woofercooker,pro-rabbit,Louisiana_CRX,MANTI5,eL_wEEnIe,bubbagumper6 ,jco1385,95saturn,ace_800,micah_jones,assassin1840 ,beat-down69,RAM_Designs,whitedragon551,KTMrida4life

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