Okay, I am dizzy from looking at so many different subwoofers. I'm trying to figure out the best solution to get some sounds back into my car.

Originally, I had designed my system to run 2 IDMAX 10's off of my JBL GTO14001 (rated 1500w RMS 2 ohms or 1200w RMS 4 ohms).

I bought both IDMAX's used and soon had a problem with one of them. The motor was off center and caused the cone to rub which eventually caused the speaker to fail. That left me with one 10" so I turned down the gain on the amp and rewired the speaker for the correct ohm. I smoked my second IDMAX the other day, too much gain on the amp I guess... ugh and they want $200 for a recone kit. That's too much I think, they used to be $150.

I don't know what the best solution would be to keeping my amplifier and running either a pair or a single sub. I'd prefer to have a solution that would allow me to utilize my trunk space and have access to my spare tire. I like SQ but need a fix of SPL often. I like my bass low and loud and like to feel it. I really don't have a size preference, I just need something that will sound awesome without taking over my whole trunk. I like to listen to Hip-hop, R&B and Dubstep.

I'd greatly appreciate any advice or recommendations you guy's can give. Thanks for your help!

I've been looking at the following speaker configs:

Digital Designs
2 x DD 2512b
1 x DD 3512f

2 x HDC312

Ascendant Audio
2 x Chaos 12
1 x Havoc 12

DC Audio
2 x LV3 12

Sound Solutions Audio
1 x Icon-12
1 x Xcon-12

Sundown Audio
2 x SA-12
1 x SA Z v3 12

Car: 2000 Mercedes Benz E430
Amp: JBL GTO14001
Head Unit: Pioneer DEH-P860MP