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Reload Thread: DD Audio or Orion HCCA

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    DD Audio or Orion HCCA

    Hi Everyone,
    I'm having trouble deciding on a sub config. I was thinking of going for both SQ and SPL. I am having trouble deciding on two DD Audio 3512's or two Orion HCCA 124's. I've been told that both are excellent subs. They are about the same cost. I have about 8 cu.ft. so space isn't a worry and I have 2 db drive pd2000.1 amps so power isn't a concern either. Do any of you have any experience or knowledge of these subs and which ones perform better for both types of comps? I chose the Orion's because I've been a long time admirer of them. I chose the DD audio because I've heard about them possibly being better all around sub and my buddy keeps emailing me pix of his trophies that he keeps winning with them.

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    Re: DD Audio or Orion HCCA

    ive had both,the dd subs are pricey and they do very good in competition,but in that big of a box you may not like the outcome,the orions ,i felt just could not take the power,meaning not much over rated.i would look at other subs like dc ,sundown , ascendant,ssa ,ia .i think you will get better results from any of these at a cheaper price too

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    Re: DD Audio or Orion HCCA

    DD's for daily IMO... But with that much space you can probably get some 15's in there...

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    Re: DD Audio or Orion HCCA

    Ive seen them both in competition and daily installs.... Hccas have the absolute best recone system ive ever seen.... dds will be better overall tho... both will handle the power just fine as long as you monitor clipping and voltage... and I have seen 6 hccas bassrace 159.5 on 24k so they can handle the power but they stink sometimes

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