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Reload Thread: **(1) 12" DC LVL 5 or (2) 10" AQ HDC3'S??**

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    Icon32 **(1) 12" DC LVL 5 or (2) 10" AQ HDC3'S??**

    Just in general, which of the 2 would you choose.
    (1) 12" DC LVL 5 or (2) 10" Audioque HDC3'S Copper
    A brief description why would be appreciated
    Thanks in advance...

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    Re: **(1) 12" DC LVL 5 or (2) 10" AQ HDC3'S??**

    no parameters on the level 5 it's impossible to tell without hearing it..

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    Re: **(1) 12" DC LVL 5 or (2) 10" AQ HDC3'S??**

    Depends how much power you are gonna be giving them. The motor strength and cone area wins out in this comparison on the same power. Though I am not a big AQ fan.

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