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Reload Thread: :DHow can i find Big Bass??:D

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    :DHow can i find Big Bass??:D

    Hey guys.<br />I am buyin subs for my truck to put under the seat.<br />I want to buy either 2-12's or 3-10's what would be better? the subs i want to get are mtx's road thunder (both the 10's ad 12's) cause theyre cheap (im only 15, work at a gas station, and clear about 200$CAN a month).<br />Im going to build a custom box and buy a 600 watt 2 chan amp. Im going to wire the 3-10's in 2 series and 1 parralell to yeild a 4 ohm load and i'll bridge the amp to 1 channel. would this be better than using separate 300w channels for the 12's? And another thing, should i use a shared air space or should i build dividers in the box? Thanks <img src="biggrin.gif" border="0">

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    I'm not sure that you would be able to build a box with sufficiant air space to accomodate 2 12's or 3 10's under a seat. If you haven't already, measure your available space where a square box can fit and compare that to the space required by the MTX subs. Remember that you have to leave a small amount of top clearance for woofer movement. To answer your questions, two MTX road thunder 12's would hit lower bass notes than the 10's would. Using 3 10's would give you more air movement (you may 'feel' the bass a little more). With multiple woofers, I would use deviders in the box. THat way if one woofer blows, it won't affect the performance of the other speaker(s). Your ohm configuration idea doesn't quite sound right to me. I'm not sure that wiring would work. Hopefully someone who knows Ohm's law better than I do can help you out there.

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    Hey thanks a lot,<br />im pretty sure the wiring would work, but ill ask someone about it first. i have checked out the air spaces for both conficurations and they work out fine. i think i will get 2-12's and use 2 channels off the amp, and i will also use dividers with them. As for clearance, im gonna put grilles on the subs for protection.<br />Thanks for the reply

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