I have an Audiopipe ap1800d amp. I can get for about the same price used orion H2 15.2 and run the amp on 1 ohm, or also used pair of Audio System KRYPTON 12" , wire them in parallel and run the amp in 2 ohm. Either way, I can give the amp about 90 ampers of current, so I wonder what to choose in order to be louder and lower at about 1000 watt rms.
I think you are familiar with the Orion H2, and here are the specs of the KRYPTON 12:
30 cm High Performance Subwoofer
1500/1000 Watt - Impedance 4 ohm
Qm 9,45
Qe 0,41
Qt 0,39
Fs 37 Hz
Vas 30 L
Mms 191 g
Cms 100 m/N
BL 17 Tm
SPL 95,5 dB
Rated 1000 Watt
music 1500 Watt
X-max (+ -) 17 mm
Installation depth 170mm
Installation diameter 283mm

Any help appreciated.