Ok I was all lined up to order a DC Level 4 with Level 5 upgrade but many opinions say its stupid to run it in a sealed enclosure. Now before I pull the trigger and order it anyway, I would like to know if you think there is a better choice for my new build. Here's what I am going to be running...

Massive audio CK-6 6.5" comps up front
Cadence TXA-3004 (bridged) @ 150w for fronts.
Image Dynamics CTX65 coaxials in rear off H/U power
AP15001D for sub

Sealed Fiberglass enclosure for (1) 12" subwoofer. Approximately 1.2 ft ^ 3 before displacement. Not going to build another. This fits in my factory location and still allows me to use my entire hatch.

I am not aiming solely for SQL but I want something that will get loud but not sound sloppy.

The amount of power I have available:

600w @ 4ohms
950w @ 2ohms
1500w @ 1ohm

I have an IA Flatlyne but want to try something new. Please make other recommendations before I make this purchase.