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Reload Thread: SQ question Zane... or 96 integra familiars

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    SQ question Zane... or 96 integra familiars

    I'm trying to do a good system in my 96 integra 2 door. I'm thinking of going a high-mid level eclipse deck, and im not sure where to go from there. 1st part, the sub, i have a 12" RF XLC in a large ported Qlogic box now, and am happy with the sound of it, but would like more punch and a LOT louder. I would like to make a custom (with local shop help) box to fit where the spare tire goes now. I want to have good low end boom, but good punch too.. i was told that a 15" RF PowerDVC would provide all that. but i dont know if i want that or 2 12". Either is going in a sealed box. How would you go about that?

    Next, i want a good set of components up front. I dont know if im gonna keep the 6.5"s in the back so im gonna need plenty of mid range and high power coming from the front. Im willing to pay $400 for a good pair of components. Recomendations?

    Now what about amps, i want at least 600 clean watts going to the sub. I also want about clean watts going to my components up front. What amps should i get? Do i need a cap? What about dynamat and where to put it?

    I have a crossfire 25band L/R EQ already too. So for the deck, amps, components, and sub, i can pay $2800. Thanks for you time

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    if you want a really good system and you can even save some money. Get 2 12" crossfire BMF's. 1 1000D BMF class D amp. Focal 165V or Infinty componets for the front and 1 pair coax's for the rear. and a crossfire TEK 50.4 for the highs/mids and 2 farad caps. then the deck is up to you, I have the same set up with an eclipse 5441. I would recommend a deck with 5v or 8v preouts. Eclipse or the new panisonics are sweet head units. My setup is in a montero and hit 165.2db's at last weeks show. Thats only two 12's. depending where your at it can cost anywhere from 1900 - 2600. Good luck, PEACE

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    The best advice I can give you is: get a list of good brands name subs, mids, and amps. Go to a car audio shop and listen to the subs and mids. As for the amp, you can basically go back in this forum and read about what everyone has to say about a particular amp. There are plenty of awesome subs and amps out there to choose from, depending on what you like I'm sure you can narrow it down to a couple. Because what sounds good to someone else might not sound good to you, and what supposedly hits 162 in someone elses ride might not be even close in your ride. But, anyhow go to an audio shop listen to some subs, and if you really want to save money you can buy them online. Because your paying out the 2800, so it doesn't matter what someone else likes, it matters what you like, and for 2800, you can get a kick @ss system.

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