Well here it is. I got a 98 Dodge Durango, the 3rd row will be removed to acompany the box. The 2 port enclosures will house 2 15" Adire Tempest's. Port tuned to 23Hz, 4 cubed. Pushing thew Tempest's will be a Harrison Lab AE1600.2, running in parr. for a 2 ohm load. fronts will be MB Quart 6 1/2 components havent descided on which set (recommendations?) and 6 1/2's on the rear door. I was also wondering about throwing up 2 Image Dynamic horns up front??? Trying to blend the center channel. I have looked and looked for a 4-channel amp running @ 4 ohms 90 x 4. I also am wondering about a electronic x-over, Harrison Labs carries their own, but are kinda costly. Profile any good for x-over only? getting a Pioneer DEH-P9300 for the H/U. whatcha think??? will it hit some lows with the Tempests? I also have another question, should i face the subs away or into the cabin? like facing forward or facing towards the lift gate and the ports empting into the rear seats? Ayight lemme know whatcha all think ayight? Thanx