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    Eclipse F10

    Kindly let me introduce myself. My name is Steve Mowry. I was the Engineer that designed what I called the Eclipse Super Xmax family of transducers (speakers, drivers, etc.) five years ago when I was living and working in San Diego, CA. I used non-linear VECTOR FIELDS PC OPERA 2d DC FEA and ABAQUS STANDARD non-linear FEA to do the design simulations of the motor and soft-part assembly respectively. These are the most powerful transducer design software tools in the world. I began using these tools when I was employed as an R&D Transducer Engineer III at BOSE Corp in 1995 - 1998. If you doubt my claims please E-mail Mr. Vannin Gale at [email protected] and I am sure that he will not answer you. Poor Vannin, he has forgotten the meaning of professional courtesy and respect.

    I conducted for the first time ever for the members of the American Loudspeaker Manufacturers and Acoustics (ALMA) International a transducer design-training course in Las Vegas on January 6 and 7, 2004, FUNDAMENTALS OF ELECTRODYNAMIC TRANSDUCER DESIGN. I had participants from JBL Pro, Harman Becker, Polk Audio, Klipsch, US Pioneer, ACOM/Panasonic ATC, NCA LABS, and several other small loudspeaker related companies. The course received very good feedback from the participants. Again, if you doubt my claim, please visit

    What you as a consumer do not know is that Eclipse has no transducer engineers on staff. They rely on their suppliers, T.C. Sounds in San Diego, CA and now Foster in China, to design and develop their new transducers. When I recently visited the CES in Las Vegas, I was amazed that Eclipse was featuring my 'Well Hung' design of 5 years ago. Eclipse spends more on one party for retailers than the total budget for transducer R&D for at least a one-year period. I do not have a link for this; however, I know Eclipse and I know the industry, money, money, money.

    What is my point? I have several very high-performance competition audio transducer design concepts, ready to go to tooling, but I need funding for my research and work. If anyone is interested in realizing the highest performance possible from a competition car audio transducer (driver), please contact me at [email protected].

    My office is located in Phuket, Thailand and with 5 years experience working on transducers that are being manufactured in Malaysia, Thailand, and China, you would not believe what a $700.00 transducer costs to manufacture, about $40.00 to $50.00 US Dollars. Please consider this and perhaps someone out there will either utilize my engineering services and/or form some sort of partnership with me. If you want to kick the big guys butt, we can; no problem.

    Competition car audio is all about the large signal behavior of the transducer. What’s important is simply the motor and the suspension, spider and surround. The transducer acts like an air pump in competition car audio applications. This simply described as the effective area of the cone times the displacement, Vmax.

    Steve Mowry
    SM Audio Engineering Consulting Co.
    Phuket, Thailand

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    Re: Eclipse F10

    Engineering is the coolist. I hope to do the same thing one day. My eclipse sub sounds great. Thanks for the design.

    Mine: CDT, Eclipse, Diamond Audio, Dayton, Aura

    Wifey: Infinity, Concept, Pioneer, Profile, JBL

    Refs: Ruckus, MSSOKC

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