I have finally decided to order my 2 RE HC12"s, stick them in a ported box for my 96' Grand Prix. Now I need a few last words of advice---

This is a dual 2-ohm driver, so what amp is going to give me a great sound, is solid, and will work well with the subs.. I am looking to hopefully spend between 200-450 for the amp..

The other thing is that I chose long ago I wanted a ported box, but like can I make the box too big? Quoted from the RE-- "These drivers work will in small ported and sealed enclosures." Because here's my specs-
4 feet deep, 3 1/2 feet wide, and 1 1/2 feet tall... that's 20 cub. feet. i think. So if you could let me know what box you think would sound the best, like dimensions and tuning that'd be awesome. Thanks for the help, can't wait to freaking get it all installed.