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Reload Thread: another dumb sealed vs ported thread

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    another dumb sealed vs ported thread

    psych! I'm interested into what an infinite baffle setup gives you in terms of sq - basically a flat response (relative to the sub's response curve). I got 6x9s in the rear deck; haven't measured yet, but what do you guys think of taking out the deck, putting in a new one with one hole in the middle for a 12? would it hold? doubt I'd ever do that; just wondering

    anyone with ib setups? how have you set it up?

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    Re: another dumb sealed vs ported thread

    IB setups tend to sound really good with the correct woofer. They are not really loud usually and they cannot handle a lot of power. The motor structure and suspension of the sub are the only things controlling its movement with no interaction from the "enclosure." They work well with low power, but you need the correct woofer.

    Putting one 12 in the rear deck will require you to remove the rear deck or cut a really big hole in it. Usually IB setups involve a baffle behind the rear seats that completely seals the trunk from the cabin. For this to work right, you have to make sure that it is sealed. You can angle the baffle and use the 6x9 openings to vent the output into the cabin, or you can seal all the openings off in the deck that can leak air and let the sub just fire into the back of the seats (leave enough space for excursion so the sub doesn't actually hit the seat.)

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