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    alpine type R

    i am looking into buying two type R subs i was wondering if a rockford power 500.2 would power them good

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    hmmm... im not sure about that... if im not mistaking the RMS runs 300 watts on those subs so you will run about 50 watts shy per sub, i dont know how much of a difference that will make though? tough call... later

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    The 500.2 won't quite feed the Rs the power to get the potential from them but it should sound good.<br />The RF BD600.1 would be a better match for your subs and it will take about half the amps from your charging system which will allow the amp to perform better. You'll get more punch and better overall sound with the more powerful and efficient 600.1.

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    the amp you are talking about is the bd 500.1 just so you know

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    Type R's and someone smart

    Ok for all you dumb asses that answed no the 500.1 will be to shy for power as retarted. i am sorry but that is the easyest way to put it. 500.1 gives out around 600-700 watts max and the way you run thoes sub weather it be parrelle or series will define how they will work and what you put them in weather they will sound good. i have a rockford 360a2 running 2 SWR1041D (type R 10's DVC) and they sound great 500.1 will sound great as long as you run them right.

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    I am sorry but all the people who get on here and run there mouths are always unregistered so they shouldnt runt their mouths it means either they are new guys to the site who think they know so much but this site in all actuallity has some of the most intelligent audio people I have seen. Or they could be guys with tempers and opinions who just want to run their mouths but not ruin thier screen name. So I ask whoever you are please dont ruin such a good and knowledgeable site just because you feel the need to call everyone dumb asses at your own personal amusement and let people like me suffer with you in your own stupidity. Quote this one if you may "please dont ruin such a good and knowledgeable site just because you feel the need to call everyone dumb asses"!

    2 12inch type R's
    crunch p4125(soon to be replaced)
    sony xplod cdx-ca700x
    hatchback dual chamber box
    96 5speed firebird(not a great ride but for now I am perfectly happy)

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    Yea that amp will run 2 ok but one will sound just as good and wont cost as much. These subs sound very good and are a little over priced but quility subs if i were you i would buy one.

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