Aight I have an extended cab truck, that will have it's back seat removed for a new setup. Plenty of space so I was thinking of throwing 3 or 4 type R's in there. I know there are better brands, but for $100 dollars a sub, it's looking pretty tasty. I was thinking a big ported box, with the subs upfiring. I was going to go full Alpine: Headunit, amps ect.. But the subs on amazon are dual 4 ohm. How difficult is it to wire dual 4 ohm subs? And the reason why I'm asking this question in this forum is because I'm still not sure I want type R's. I like sound quality, and at the same time want to beat down the block, impress friends, and be heard. I have plenty of room so please help. budget FOR subs and amp are around $650-$750.