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Reload Thread: Is 500wrms enough for a Kicker L5 12"?

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    Is 500wrms enough for a Kicker L5 12"?

    I just ordered my first square. I got the Kicker L5 12 because I got a killer deal on it. I plan on making my own box, prolly 1.0 cubes sealed. How much power do you think I need to run this bad dog. I plan on ordering another one as soon as the money permits. I got the 2ohm DVC version because I just ordered a Visonik V500HC 4-channel amp. It will do 500X2 @ 1ohm stable. So I figure run one L5 off each "amp" (1 driver per 2 channels). Do you think 500wrms is enough for the L5? I've heard some people burning theirs up from too much power so I figured playin it a bit safe couldn't hurt. Besides, I've heard 2 Kicker 10" L5's running off 400wrms total and they sounded **** good in an S10. Well anyways, just wanted to get some opinions.
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    Re: Is 500wrms enough for a Kicker L5 12"?

    Yeah, 500 will work fine. I wish I had some nice new subs

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    Re: Is 500wrms enough for a Kicker L5 12"?

    jump on that HC deal

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    Re: Is 500wrms enough for a Kicker L5 12"?

    500 is good but it wont hurt it to put atleaste 600 to it

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    Re: Is 500wrms enough for a Kicker L5 12"?

    and you need a bigger box, 1.0 sealed is too small IMHO

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