I'm planning on getting an RF 451S 2 channel amp for the lower end, and I was wondering which company would make the best sub for SQ. I don't really care about SPL as I listen to a wide range of music, and I'm looking more for tight, accurate bass for a good price.

I also have a few other questions:
-Do systems in cars lose bass accuracy from ported applications? All the speakers in my house are ported and seemed to be tuned for pretty low frequencies, but all produce tense, tight bass when called upon. I heard somewhere it doesn't matter whether or not the box is ported or not, is that true?
-Can I wire up a 2ch amp to a SVC? I'm assuming not as that would fry the amp somehow possibly?

All in all I don't want to spend more than $450 on the sub+amp+enclosure altogether, if thats reasonable. What do you think would be the best setup?