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Reload Thread: Narrowed it down-- backseat is out-- which setup to go with? 2500w+ on all**read**

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    Narrowed it down-- backseat is out-- which setup to go with? 2500w+ on all**read**

    ok.....heres what i have it narrowed down to. the back seat is out and so is the panel that the 6.5's were on by that back glass. the box is going to be built right up to where that panel was that holds the rear speakers, with the rest of the box going back into the trunk, then slant it on the front like the back seat did and be carpeted...should come out nice... anyway, with it like that, i wont loose any air leaving through the trunk...and this should be one hellacious setup. i bought 2 more tractor batterys from walmart, so power isnt a problem now. just gota put in all that brownbread so my car dosent fall apart when this gets finished. post which amp (s) you think would be best, which sub, then recommend an enclosure size. there should be room for around 12 cubic feet.

    1. TWO Hifonics Brutus BX1500d (with two it should be 2000 watts RMS at 2 ohms, if i drop it to 1 ohm, its over 3000 RMS)

    2. Viper 2500d ( i think this is the amp thats 2500RMS at 2 ohms, but not one ohm stable)

    ***JBL 1200s are out of the question, ive gone through 3 in the last 9 months, they blow ***.***

    1. Single XXX 18
    2. Dual Solo 15L7
    3. Dual 15"HC's
    4. Dual 15"SE's

    Before anyone goes bashing the L7s, in the right enclousure they kick ***, theres a guy around here hittin 147 with a cadence 1200 in a single cab truck with one 15L7 in 8 cubes.

    so.....what do you guys think, i dont give half a rats *** about what it hits on a meeter, i just want to be able to turn it up and have everyone run for their lives. which with the back seat out and the sub(s) firing straight into my car, which is a small car to begin should be a awesome setup.

    So.... its going to be ported at about 32hz, maybe 30hz.
    MOST SPL....... what do you guys think?

    Head unit: Alpine 9815
    Fronts: Alpine Type R components
    Rear: Alpine type R 2-way 6.5's
    Amp for front: JBL 80.4 bridged to front only
    Amp for rear: JBL 80.4 bridged to rear only

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    Re: Narrowed it down-- backseat is out-- which setup to go with? 2500w+ on all**read**

    Already someone one here running 2 15" HC's (silica), so I would go with the single 18 or 2 L7's. Personally I would go with the 18 with around 2000 RMS on it ported low.....Sick..

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