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Reload Thread: component help; ADS-Diamondaudio-OZ-Image Dynamics - boston pro how do they compare

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    component help; ADS-Diamondaudio-OZ-Image Dynamics - boston pro how do they compare

    I am looking for a set of components have have a clean crisp sound along with some sweet midbass!!! which component would you recomend?

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    Infinity I am no expert but they have very clean and clear mids and tweets from my experience(not much) but i thought they were nice. Get a second opinion though!

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    Well I would honestly say Boston Pro, those components are absolutely top of the line and I have seen some of them overpower 8" subs,while playing music at the same time. They are extremely expensive mind you but their quality is second to none. If you don't havethat type of money I would get Infinity perfect or less cost but almost as good infinity kappas

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    honestly dude you cant go wrong with either of these mids... the best thing to do is just to hear them all for yourself and then decide which ones you like

    some other personal favorites that i would reccommend is

    MB Quart <br />MMATS <br />DEI<br />& Focal

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    Hello,<br /> I've heard all of those components with exception to to OZ (can't find them anywhere in m area). Boston Pros are pretty good and they have good full sound. ADS is pretty pricey, especially for their top end components. Diamond Audio Hex series components would be my favourite as far as 2-way components. For that price you would also want to consider Focal Utopia or Dyneaudio. They make awesome sounding speakers that are high in price, but after hearing them, you'd want them pretty badly. Listen to them and then make your decision. Your best judge for comparison would be your ears.

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