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    Reverse Mount Subs question


    I'm relatively new to audio and a buddy of mine is helping me design my audio setup. I have purchased 2 12" kicker L7 subs and am getting the KX1200.1 amp and also later buying the R5 component set. I am interested in mounting my subs in my trunk in a custom enclosure and my friend told me that when you reverse mount subs they dont' sound as good (meaning cones facing front of car, magnets in trunk). Just wondering if this is true? Thanks for helping a newbie.


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    Re: Reverse Mount Subs question

    that probably won't happen, if it does it will be so small of a sound quality loss that you won't even be able to hear it.....but i'd try facing those subs in all different directions in you car to see what sounds best.....every cars acoustics are different and different positions can sound better/worse and get louder/quieter but it won't make that big of a difference in sound quality if any, and remember if you make a ported box to make it plenty big, l7's like their ported boxes big

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