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Reload Thread: Best subwoofer info needed - URGENT decision needed

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    Best subwoofer info needed - URGENT decision needed

    Hi everyone,

    This is probably a stupid question but due to time and confusion I would like to ask you for some help. I am building up my stereo again after 5 years of retirement. My problem is a little space thing. I have a BMW 3 series and can have a box of about 3.5 cubes. I want my system to be as loud and precise as possible. I had 6 10W6's powered by two RF 500m in my last system and it hit hard and loud!!! Now it is time for the best. Please give me some feed back.

    I also have not information for the socalled XXX in these threads.

    Info I have:

    Sub amplifier - Ground Zero amplifier (2500 watts RMS @ 1Ohm)

    Space in trunk to house some monsters - 3.5 cubes

    My thoughts of a couple subs have been:

    JBL GTi 15's (Two)
    JL Audio 13W7's (Two)
    MTX 9515-44 (Two)

    The big problem I have is that the amplifier pushes so much **** power. That is exactly what I wanted but not what can I push with this baby?? AND also only approx. 3.5 cubes.

    I have enough power supply for short times (I hope) - Two Yellow tops, 2x 0Guage wire for the supply. I will need an alternator once I can find out where to get one for a German BMW but that will have to wait a little until I find one.

    I am flying to Michigan on Jan. 1st and NEED to buy two of the best and badest subs to bring back with me to Germany. The prices here are insane. An example is the 13W7 - that baby costs approx. $1800 each here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My time is short so I hope someone could give me some help.

    BTW, Merry Christmas to you all from Germany

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    Re: Best subwoofer info needed - URGENT decision needed

    well, i would totally rule out the JBL's. Lower quality...and just wwon't perform as well as others. Also, i'd look into a 15" XXX... ( call for direct pricing. Have them ship it asap to wherever u'll be in michigan. The mtx's imo would take a close second. U could even consider..2 15A's which from what i've heard from bumpindoug would be amazing...with ur space though u might want to go with 12's ( Also, check out for an alternator...great quality alternators...for good prices. U'll def. need a new alt to keep up with that system. good luck, peace

    nG - BSEE

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