Back in high school, I used to own a '90 Pathfinder with a 4.5ft^3 sealed box housing 2 12" Kicker comps. I pushed these with a measly 120W RMS from a Kicker VR120 amp, bridged. Despite the lack of power, they hit incredibly hard. Well, I rolled that vehicle (I was more hurt by the loss of the stereo system than the car and bought a '97 M3. Love the car, HATE the stereo. It's so bad it detracts from my driving experience and everytime I hear it I am inspired to trash that factory garbage and upgrade.

Now that I'm a little older, I'm much less interested in SPL as opposed to SQ, so I have chosen to make a sealed box housing 2 10"s at 1.6ft^3 (M3 trunk is VERY small!). I plan on using the same Kicker VR120 amp I used before.

So, what subs should I get since I'm mostly interested in SQ? I have read that JL is good but overpriced, I was thinking about the Punch HX2's but have read that they are more of an SPL sub and don't sound that good but are loud. I have also thought about the Alpine Type R's or the Eclipse Aluminums. I don't want to deal with special ordering or waiting for Magnum D2s. I have also considered the RE SE's but i wasn't able to find an order page or price on their website (do you have to email them for that??) Are there any other subs/brands I should be looking in to?

I'm fairly broke right now, (student loans are a killer) so I don't want to pay more than $100 per sub, but I could maybe stretch to $150-$200/each if that's what it takes for great SQ (and pimpin' out da M3!)

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.