Ya know, alot of people out there say Canadians are the nicest people in the world, and I would like to beleive that but I have surfed on both the canadian car audio forum and the american car audio forum and I have found that the people that use this American site to be some of the friendliest people around, you are all easy to talk to, you take my opinions seriously and you treat each other with alot of respect. When I visit this site I feel at ease because I know 99% of every one that uses this site is a regular joe like me. As for the Canadian site, I can't really say that everybodys a dink there its just that you get a feeling that your not worthy to participate in their disscussions, its hard to describe they just seem to be a bit stuck up in there, don't get me wrong(mark ab's gonna kill me) I just feel like I don't belong there, I know this site gets its buttholes every once and awile, but there rare and you really get a feeling of being welcome here..anyways im babbling so to make it short I'll say- KUDOS TO ZANE LORD OF THE CAR AUDIO DISSCUSSION GROUPS.