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Reload Thread: anyone know about this?Soundstream SPL 170

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    anyone know about this?Soundstream SPL 170

    I want to know what the rms ratings are on this and what size box do you need with how many watts to make this hit 170, can it really hit 170, wheres the cheapest place to get them?


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    First off, the soundstream SPL170, is just a name. I have never seen or heard of a soundstream spl vehicle hitting 170db, the most you could ever realisticly hit with a single 15inch SPL170 is around the 140db area with a big ported box and lots of power. The Soundstream SPL170 is a good woofer though, 500 watts rms should make that puppy hammer, as for enclosure specks I would suggest that you ask your local Soundstream dealership what enclosure would work best for your vehicle because an enclosure that sounds good in one vehicle may sound poor in another due to diffrent acoustical properties found in different models of trucks,sedans,coupes and hatchbacks.

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