As a daily driver, I currently have 2 TC9 12" subs (2-Ohm DVC) rated at 800W RMS each in a ported enclosure. I used to run them off one Infinity 611a at 750Wx1 RMS at 2 Ohms. Now, I run them off a Hifonics BXi2008D, rated at 1600W at 2 Ohms. The Infinity is definitely a better-sounding amp and SPL is pretty close to the Hifonics. I am considering building a new box for just one sub and having it run off my Infinity.

Which would you recommend:

a) keep the current setup of 2 subs and the Hifonics
b) keep the 2 subs and run the Infinity again
c) drop to 1 sub and run it off the Hifonics
d) drop to one sub and run it off the Infinity