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    Icon32 i need some advice

    alright i bought this alpine amp off of ebay and the guy said it was 900x1 at 14volts but what i failed to realize is that he said at 0,03 thd and i was just wondering does that really matter cause i was gonna buy the hx2 but my brother bought me a sony explod.
    Don't get me wrong now it sounds descent but not like no 900 watts.
    Is It the speaker.

    I'm so frustrated i just wanted my car to be loud. you know hear me comin from 10 blocks away and ****. I was just wonderin if anybody had any ideas on how i could acomplish that goal. And which one is better the cerwin stroker ,hx2 or the new mtx speaker that holds like 4000 watts.



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    Sony Mobile ES C-90 Audison Bit-One
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    Hertz HSK 130
    Mid Bass ?
    DB Drive K5 15
    Kinetik 1400HC
    avital 2200 alarm
    dynamat extreme

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