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    I'm a bad, bad person

    I was messing with the gains on my amp yesterday to give my seXXX a little more juice since its now fully broken in. I had Prodigy - Smack My B**ch Up cranked to volume 48 of 63, and just as soon as I touched the gain knob on my crossover, the fuse under the hood popped. No big deal.....just go buy another $5 pack of fuses like I always do.

    I get to the store and ask for an 80 amp glass fuse, and he informs me that they no longer sell them and that I'd have to go to the local audio shop to get them. I hate going there......they always ask me to demo my stuff for people I don't even know.

    When I get there, he informs me that he no longer carries the glass 80's and I'd have to switch to either a breaker or an ANL. Since I'm a cheap bastard, I didn't want to buy a $20 breaker that could possibly stick and burn my **** up, or shell out $30 for an ANL and a new waterproof fuseholder......

    So I did what any honest human being would do: I went to wal-mart and got four small glass fuse holders and a pack of small glass 30's and wired those into the line.....let's just hope this holds for a little while

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    Re: I'm a bad, bad person

    solder a peice of a paperclip to each end in the fuse holder .... if it burns into ... that was too much power anyways. solution solved

    i AM joking. .... however, once it pulls over 30amps wont the first fuse blow? they are in series right?

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