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Reload Thread: what speakers match the jl audio 12 wo???

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    what speakers match the jl audio 12 wo???

    i was wondering what speakers compete with these on the same level. I have two of these and i have beat alot of good compition like rockford,polk,sony,and alot of others that i thought would blow me away but didnt it sounds **** good and hits harder than some other jls i have seen with simaler setups whats the deal and what would be better on a jl 250 amp?

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    man i dont know how the hell you can say that you have beaten lots of rockfords and **** because i've heard the jl 12 w's and they sound like **** compared to most any other sub

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    well i have fosgates are way overated they sound like *** i can blow away a punch z easy so dont give me that **** rockford was good in thier day but they are done for now jls sound great in my opinion. you havent heard **** so shut up.

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    jl it is a good sub. the w is the best one<br /> <img src="smile.gif" border="0">

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