I just purchased one of these subs used and need a little more info on it. Its the older style, orange basket with the M spokes. I did a lot of searching and came up with these TS parameters.

Fs 31.30 Hz
Re 3.06 Ohm
Qms 5.51
Qes 0.56
Sd 800.0 cm2
Vas 66 l
Xmax peak 15.88 mm

I believe these to be correct but have had a very difficult time finding info for this sub online. I dont have the original manual and was hoping someone might have the information I need. I also need the subs displacement.

This is a project im working on with my son for his first car. As soon as I can get this info I can start designing the box for his trunk. I have about 6 - 6.8 cubic feet to work with minus the port and sub displacement.

Powering it with a Memphis Memphis Mojo 16-MC2000D and wiring it to 1ohm. I read a few threads here saying this amp could run down to 1ohm even though the amp says 2ohm minimum. I doubt he will be pushing this thing to the max anyways.