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Reload Thread: Ever heard of MA Audio Subs? 1.5 ohms????

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    Ever heard of MA Audio Subs? 1.5 ohms????

    I am looking at a system of a guy that is a friend of a friend that he has for sale. They are MA audio 12's, but ive never heard of these subs?<br />Also, he said they run at 1.5 ohms, can that be possible? ( i thought it was just 4,2,or 1 ohms) Also, if thats the case, what amp will push these at 1000WRmS at 1.5 ohms.....? <br />what is a good amp to get for these subs?

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    He may have gotten that number from a dvc 3 ohm speaker or 2 dvc 6 ohms in parallel-parallel.

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    You can get your speakers in about any ohm. Even numbers of course, 8 ohm,6,4,2, and 1. I think some really powerful subs do have 1.5 ohm voice coils but Im not sure. The guy above is probably right on how he that load. But I think MA Audio is a cheaper version of Audiobahn or something. Just like lightning Audio is made by Fosgate. But dont qoute me on that. I have heard a couple MA 15" and they do sound good. Any amp you choose will be good if they are a low ohm because lower ohm loads pull more power from your amps of couse.

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    As pointed out allready- Final Ohm load is determined not by just the speaker and coil configuration, but also by the number of speakers and the way in which they are wired.

    Now with MA Audio, I would seriously discourage you from purchasing them. They are very low quality and only likely to cause problems. MA Audio is only another version of the Mobile Authority/Anaba USA/Thump series. I have personally used a few of thier amps and subs when I first started in this sport. There is only one thing that I remember thier products living up to- Constant and consistant failure. Luckily they were scrapped very quickly in favor of a higher quality set up. Only letting you know of the problems I had so the same mistake doesnt have to be made by anyone else.

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    WOW I was about to purchase 2 12"xl subs from MA Audio and a 2502HC amp are you guys sure they **** because I heard they were so good I havent even shopped around what do you guys recommend. What is the best brand and model please of sub and amp because everyone says it is something different you audio guys never agree and it confuses me!

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    crunch p4125(soon to be replaced)
    sony xplod cdx-ca700x
    hatchback dual chamber box
    96 5speed firebird(not a great ride but for now I am perfectly happy)

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    THe best subs to me are orion and audiobahn orion is high but it is very durable audiobahn is loud but not so durable but I use audiobahn in comp's They hold about 1000watt and I put my pyramid amp that is 5000watts and I but the amp gain on about hlaf way and they usually bust within a few months. I'ts the amp I know

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