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Reload Thread: need some help wut should i put in my 81 ford truck its small???

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    Icon33 need some help wut should i put in my 81 ford truck its small???

    im thinkin of puttin 2 10's or 3-4 8's but i dunno so can n e1 help me out?

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    possible answer

    hello,i assume your ford is not extended cab. in my opinion, you should look for subs with a shallow mounting depth, another words subs that arent very tall from the magnet to the top. look at 8's and 10's. your box will have to be tall if its gotta be small from front to back. you can always put some polyfill in the box to give it the sound of a bigger box. look at the smallest box size a sub will work in. protech 10's will work in a truck box .67 cubic ft. thats
    small. its just a prefab sealed truckbox. if you would like to know where you could get these subs, write back with the title "more info from corey". if you solve your problem, good job,but believe me, i can help when it comes to subs,just remember, when dealing with the tiny space that you are, dont expect massive spl, but you'll have good sound, and some volume.

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    Icon32 more help corey

    would JL subs fit cuz thats wut im lookin at right now i have 3 subs kicken around the house 2 of them r 10's and 1 is a 12 the 10's are jbl and lighting aduio and the 12 is a pheonix gold but i want some better 1's thats y am lookin at JL but ya help me out a bit if u can

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    JL's Will work!

    You have lots of options if you want to use JL First off they came out with the 6W0 which is a 6.5 inch woofer and does the job pretty well in about .2 cu feet. You will need about 3 if its a sealed box and 2 if ported to get good response. 2nd you can also find a dealer that still has 8W6's and use those subs (best 8's made) they require a little box as well. Last you could also get 8W1's or 10W1's which are made just for trucks they have a shallow depth so you can fit it behind a truck seat. My girl friend has an 81 ford
    f-150 ranger and i got the 10W1 back there easily (with the seat all the way back. Hope this helps.


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    heh a 6.5" sub....thats a good one...heh....kinda pointless...but to each his own...heh...

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