Which Sub gives more thump- The Kicker Comp VR 12 DVC 4ohm(200wts per coil) or the AUDIOBAHN AW-1251Q dual 4 ohm[400rms 800peak]-(says it can be run in 2 or 8 ohm op.)

If i did pick one of these two, how can i run it to make the proper imepdance on a 1000.2 amp. I have know idea what running in parallel or in series means. Pictures! would be great to show how to run the correct ohm(S) to a 2channel amp. TIA!

Also, recommendations on subs would be great. Im looking to buy them online with no more of a $200 max. (i.e - kickers vr 12 dvc's or the audiobahn aw-1251q)