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Reload Thread: has any buddy heard of fusion or msx woofers

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    has any buddy heard of fusion or msx woofers

    I was wondering if anybody has heard of fusion or msx woofers i have seen some and they look well built but the foam surround is what bugs me i rather have the rubber i have seen it on more subwoofers than foam well the good woofers the fusion are power plant with a 200 oz magnet 900 watts rms with a 2.5 in voice coil dual 4 ohm the msx looks like a orion hcca and is ver heavy i say about a 30 lb sub dual 2 ohm woofers if anybody can help i would be greatful

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    A friend of mine at school has a older brother who owns two 12" fusions with 3000 watts going to them (cough*BS*cough). He says he would never buy anything else though and has had them for 2 1/2 years now without any problems with the foam surround or the subs them selves. Mabye this will help???

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    there re draw backs to rubber surrounds that large..i say foam would be much better and it isnt the same kinda foam that is in your 10 yr old pioneer 6x9's lol kove armogedons and the fussions are sweet for your "off brand people" personally when i build my spl vehicle i'll use kove =)

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