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Reload Thread: where can i get 3/4" plexiglass

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    where can i get 3/4" plexiglass

    it's a simple question and i am looking for a simple answer basically. i used 1/2" plexi on my last box and there was so much air pressure that i cracked it in half in about 1 hour.....kind of pissed me off b/c it costed me about 200 for all the plexi. i am looking for 3/4" plexi and where i can purchase it. i know someone out there has to know right.


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    sorry to say but plexi isn't a good material to use for a box, you would be better off doing some fiberglass work, and no offence, plexiglass boxes look best in splatter painted 80's mustangs and for people who have large mullets.

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    ok dude if plexi only looked good in that kind of situation it wouldn't be such an expensive and sought after material would it??? and fiberglass first off flexes out too much then plexi does. go to any custom box place and ask they will tell you to use plexi over fiber

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