I have a few questions for the pro's... I just bought my wife an 04 Lexus RX330. I am molding a fiberglass box into an area behind the wheel well that will provide about .95-1.05 cuft of space(-sub displacement). I am hoping to find a 10" sub with <7 inches of mounting depth, that will take a beating from 600-1000 watts RMS. I have a Fosgate 500s that shows a birth sheet of 540 watts RMS at 4 ohms. Amp is not 2 ohm stable. Running this system off of the stock HU for now.

Question 1:
What is the best 10" speaker for my application? I want tight bass that goes loud. My speaker of choice right now is a Resonant Engineering SE 10" Dual 2 Ohm for $150 new on ebay. Will spend up to 200, but would like to stay around 160. My favorite sub is an eclipse Ti 10", but cant find one out there anywhere, and I'm sure there is something bigger and badder out there these days...

Question 2:
I am using the high level speaker inputs on my amp for now. Do I need to disconnect the speakers that I splice into, or can I leave them hooked up?

Question 3:
I have plans to mold a small plexi window into the top of the box, but only if I can figure out a LED solution. I would like the LED to go with the Bass. I have heard it is possible to wire resistors/etc into a circuit that will work off of the existing power going to the sub? I would also like to be able to switch this feature off under the dash somewhere. Anyone done this here? How would I go about wiring this?

Question 4:
My wife wants this to be removable, I would like a sort of 'Quick Disconnect' on the box. To make it rediculously easy for her to remove/install. I was thinking of having like a standard electrical plug she could easily hook/unhook, where she couldn't possibly screw anything up... ideas?