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Reload Thread: Feedback on Volfenhag Subs

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    Feedback on Volfenhag Subs

    I have looked at these on places like EBAY, and they look really cheap in quality. How does everyone feel about these?

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    They share most of the same specs as the Pyramid Hyper Pro's. A while ago- I did post a few pics of each sub, showing the similarities. For some reason though, my search functions on this board are not working correct at the moment, that and a few other things----. Try a search and see if you are able to come up with anything.

    The Volfenhags are nothing real impressive sound wise either, very muddy and sloppy bass. Quite a few of us here share that opinion as well.

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    i believe what zane is saying, but my friend had 3 kicker comp 10's, then got 3 volfenhag 10's, i dunno which model, and said their good, but i doubt it, their amps ****. when i hear it ill let ya know.

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    Zane is right, they look very much like the hyper Pros. just with a new paint job. Also i didnt like the sound these subs produce, my friend has 2 12's and it was sloppy and it didnt seem like they were hitting that hard. I have 2 10"L7's and they were louder and hit harder, he like the sound my kickers produced over his.

    any other questions just ask...................good luck

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