ok here is what i have in my car right now. i am running 4 rockford fosgate HE12"s in 2 dual sealed boxes. each sub right now has it's own chamber and everything, but i hate the way it looks. basically i went for the most bang at my high school and got it. now i am going for awesome looks. i am running 1 1000 watt DB rockford fosgate amplifier that i messed with and got 1400+watts from it......i am hitting about 151 or 152 db right now. here is what i am gonna do. i am wanting to build a custom box for my subs and switch them out for HE2's which are DVC as well as hold 800 peak and 400rms... the box i am going to build is made out of MDF and 3/4" thick with a plexi top. i am going to have 2 of them inverted so that the magnet sticks up and 2 of them regular facing.....does this sound like a good set-up. also they are going to have 1 chamber for 2 subs. tell me what you guys think of this set up.