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    Speaker help

    Hey guys and girls, this is Wonderbread, sjuit ahving some trubl wit da login
    anyways, i asked this once before, dodn't get anything overly helpful, so I ask again

    I have a 1991 Mercury Cougar LS with the Ford Premium Audio speakers, I havea n aftermarket HU, AIWA CDC-MP3 and 2x8" RF Punch XLC and 1x12" Punch Power DVC in the trunk.

    My question is this, all of the interior speaks are 6x8's and im looking to replace thjem the just dont cut it at loud volumes anymore, lol.
    any suggestions as for size, brand, etc.?
    i was thinking some 6.5's but i ahve no idea what brasnds to look into


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    6.5's would work fine, but you will get a better mid-bass response by buying aftermarket 6X8's. Some of my favorites are boston Acoustic Rally's ($150 retail), Infinity Kappa's, or MB Quart's. Try to find a store where you can hear the different brands and see which ones match your taste. Just remember, when you hear a speaker in a store it often sounds much different than it will after it is installed in your vehicle. The in store check is for basic sound qualities and abilities.

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    i have a 94 t-bird with 6x8's, 5x7's r basically the same thing. i have 4 polk audio ex357's, i paid 120 a pair, but go ther 2nd pair off at circuir city. they sound sweet, and i run em off my hu, people think i have a separate amo 4 them. check em out.

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