Hello everyone, I am a new member to this forum, but have searched around here a bit before I signed up. But I am looking to get a new sub or 2 for my civic hatchback.

I am debating between 2 12" type R's, or one other nice 12", maybe an RE sx?

Being my vehicle is a hatchback, I do not have much space in the hatch, which is why I am leaning to one 12", But how would the RE sx compare vs 2 type r's as far as loudness and sound quality?

Does the RE sx do better in a ported or sealed box? Would 2 se's be louder than one sx? I am kind of unsure what I want, but from reading around I sort of have it narrowed down to a RE 12.

I plan to get a hifonics amp to go along with it, but not sure which wattage amp I shuld get for it. Do I want the amp watts to be the same as the rms watt on the sub? Or the amp watts higher?

Sorry for the newbie questions, but I really want to make sure this will be a good decision before I put the money into it. Thanks guys.