OK guys u probably read my other threads but i currently have the MTX Thunderform with 10inch MTX subs and they just aint cutting it. My issue is the enclosure says it 1.5 cubic inch. but i am not sure if they are talking about the whole enclosure is 1.5 or just the part where the subs are. its a sealed enclosure and is hollow from one sub to the other... I was looking at the new PG RSdC but wondering if there is anything else out there that around $150 per sub thats better. I did a rough measure and the enclosure wholes are about 6.5 inches deep and about 8-9inch diameter. has anyone delt with the thunderforms or knows what else i can put in them. I have been hearing Cadance are are great for the money and may go with them. I had a PG amp about 5 years ago and loved it.
I may just sell everything and just get the new orion HCCA and try to build a custom box but rather stay with the thunderform because I already have it but just want something that will be felt and heard. thanks guys