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Reload Thread: Amp shootout fosgate vs kendwood which one??? Zane or anyone thats a pro?

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    Amp shootout fosgate vs kendwood which one??? Zane or anyone thats a pro?

    Ok i got two 15 inch single voice coil subs that are 500w rms each they are audiobauhn subs and was wondering would a kendwood 600 watt amp do the job i dont want to push them to thier max just enough to get em bumpin. Or should i go with a fosgate 400.4 will this amp put out more power i was thinkin the kendwood would be better casue it its a 2 channel amp and its harder to wire with a four channel isnt it its made for like componets and stuff isnt it. Well you guys just tell me which is better and I will get it i would think the fosgate also casue it is most likly to put out more power and its got more features. Also how should i wire them in parrlell thier 4 ohm subs.

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    go to ebay and get a power valve 1200.1 from jbl .............................about 300 bucks youd be happy otherwise get the kenwood i have seen many people bridge 4 channels to subs and although they kick out the power they just didnt sound right plus they are more likely to overheat since most 4 channels share the same power supply......and i seen this directly with rockford 4 channels on 2 seperate occations

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    I agree with audiolife, the JBL 1200.1 is a great amp and I am also a proud owner of two.

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