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Reload Thread: Car Audio for Dummies. Help me Plz

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    Car Audio for Dummies. Help me Plz

    Hi Guys. Can you plssssssssss help. I used to drive a 95 Maxima w/ boss unit, which I was content with. I just purchased 2001 2DR Accord, and I noticed a very big difference between what I had to what I have now. I took an advice from a buddy, who basically don't know shiz (purchased his system at Bestbuy crying out loud), and added a sub. I have 12'Boston Acoustic along w/ a 500W mono Memphis Amp to a factory unit and factory speakers. All I can say for this is that, it just sounds terrible.
    I went to 5 differnent audio specialist and got 5 different answer. I gotta admit, this business seems very shady. I decided to do a complete overhaul. 2 front/tweeter, 2 rear, headunit and an Amp which I'm willing to spend about 1000-1500. Any suggestions on what I should purchase??? I'm a complete rah rah when it comes to this,and from reading most of the treads, you guys sound like pros to me. Can you recommend each units. Thanks alot.

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    need sonme ideas, guys

    hi guys, I need some ideas on a few things.... I just bought a 98 2door civic ex and well everything from the head unit to the speakers are original, I was thinking on gettin´ a
    calrion CD/radio, double bandpass w/ 2 12´kickers , 2 four way backspeakers (clarion), 2 two way front speaker (clarion), and a couple of tweeters for the front too, please tell me your opinion on this, I don´t want to sepnd my money not knowing if this is the best I can get........
    thax guys!!!!!!!

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    to the first unregistered guy: im guessing you want sq so im going to be recommending what i think are sq products. lets start first with the head unit, pioneer is always what i recommend first when it comes to head units, so thats what im going to do here. get a deh-p7400 or 6400. its a very flexible head unit and will suit ur needs perfectly. go with components up front. mb quart, focal, image dynamics, boston pros, crystal mobilesound, eclipse, alpine makes some good ones. if u want really good sq, i'd go with the mb quart, focal, id, or crystals, but if ur on a budget, then the others will work great as well. each company has their high end stuff, mid grade, and low end stuff, just see exactly what you need and fit it into ur budget. for ur backs, i'd say a good set of 2-way speakers would please ya. if u want go for the 3-ways. for a nice set of speakers, i'm gonna recommend bostons, cerwin vega, alpine and eclipse. there are many more, but these are some of my favorites that are quite cheap in price (i dont really spend too much money on my back stage since i cant barely hear it). run ur speakers with an alpine amp, phoenix gold, jl, or something to that extent.

    to the second guy:
    i drive a 00 2 door civic and i must warn you, keep ur system turned down!!! the driver side side molding is rattling off my car... hehehe... anyways, for you i'd suggest the same stuff, i wouldnt get 4 way speakers, all it is is 3 tweeters on a midbass driver. for the front, i'd recommend components, but if ur set on getting speakers, then get a 3 way for the front. and for tweeters alone in the front, crystal mobilesound, alpine and focal tweeters are some of the best out there in my opinion.

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    FIRST GUY: I agree with SUCKMIKEHAWK on his speaker choices. By far go with components for the front. In addition to MIKE's choice I must add Infinity and Kicker seperates as well.Personally I am not a big fan of Eclipse components, but that is just my opinion, otherwise they are quality. Definetly spend more money on your front speakers then your rear as they are more important. HU wise I would recommend getting that first. Eclipse makes a monster HU as well as Pioneer, Alpine and Kenwood Excelon. If you are getting all aftermarket speakers please power them with a seperate amp. Trust me if you are going to do it.. do it right. Amp wise Rockford Fosgate, JL, Kicker make nice amps. Again depends on your $$$ situation.

    SECOND GUY: I am not a big fan of Clarion to begin with. Again go with components if you can they are really worth it. In fact I would almost recommend components rear and front. It can be done. My friend has that in his 91, 4dr, Civic and it sounds very nice.

    HU: Kenwood CD w/ Kenwood Chg
    FRONTS: Kenwood DB+ Excelon 2-way 6.5"
    REAR: Kenwood 3-way
    MID/HI AMP: 400x4 Fosgate Punch
    SUB: 12' Kicker VR
    SUB AMP: 250x2 Fosgate Punch
    **Soon to come... anything but those front Kenwoods, possibly Infinity Perfect Seperates

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