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Reload Thread: Amp suggestions on a fosgate 15 hx2 need help pleez

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    Amp suggestions on a fosgate 15 hx2 need help pleez

    anyone know what size fosgate amp or any amp i should use to power my fosgate 15 inch hx2. It is 1200 watts peak and am not sure on rms. I want an amp thats under 230-250 i dont need the amp to push it too its max just enough for it to bump and if its cheaper than 250 then tell me the cheaper the better just needs to be a god amp i was thinkin abot the new fosgate 400s amp.

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    Fosgate 360.2, Jl audio 250/1, Kicker zr 240

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    well since you havea rockford sub you may as well get a rockford amp. since those are DVC subwoofers getting a 2 channel amp would be tight. if you wanted to you could go on like ebay and look for the 500.2 fosgate and find that around 200-250. but if you really wanted to pound you could get the 1000 watt fosgate bd amp....those things will POUND that HX2. just thought i would try and help.

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    go with the bd500.1 i think has them for about $289. I know its a little more than what you said but its a worth it. Oh and that hx2 is 600 rms.

    RockFord Fosgate owns

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    I run 2 15hx2's in my blzaer and I have a 500a2 for each one. these are great amps they usually run about 675-700+ watts out of the box on the birth sheet. I have them in a small sealed box, and I it about a 149 db's. They would be much louder if they were in a larger ported box, but I decided to go with a little more SQ( ha ha ha a 15 with sq, wait a rockford with SQ ha!) I hopes of saving my already nuked ears.

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    go with the power bd 1000 that will throw ot some power and the system will look clean with the fosgate componets yea.

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