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Reload Thread: Need some help with my setup...m1000 amp with 2 punch p3's

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    Need some help with my setup...m1000 amp with 2 punch p3's

    Hello all, first post here...won't be nearly my last. Been lurking around for a few days reading here and there.

    Anyways, here's my setup as of right now:

    05 Trailblazer
    Alpine M1000 amp (1000w @2/600 @4 at @14.4v)
    2 RF Punch 12" P3's in a ported prefab box
    Currently on 8 gauge power and ground

    Edit: Prefer more bumpage over sound quality too..if that makes any difference.

    I realize the setup isn't the best's what I've got for now. The subs pound for being bootleg setup with 8 gauge. I have a few questions regarding this:

    A) My current power setup is to the fusebox under the back seat in my truck, bad place I know...had a limited amount of power wire though so it's temporary. Will I gain more continuous and/or more power if I just draw from the battery or is drawing from the fusebox the same exact thing as coming from the battery? I realize, not healthy for my truck what so ever but the fusebox is setup with an 8 gauge straight from the battery to a positive post and I just took that nut off and threw on my amp's power cable.
    B) Should I upgrade to 4 or lower gauge wire (I know I should just for safety and do-it-right purposes, that's beside the point) for better and smoother bass or will it make no difference?
    C) The amp only has one output connector for the subs so I currently have the two subs speaker wires twisted together at appropriate ends and stuffed them into the output terminals. Is this ok to do or is this wrong? If it's not ok, what is the right way? Also - if I wire it "the right way" will they not hit as hard or does wattage not work like voltage, whereas if you split the wires (output from the amp in this case) it will maintain 1000w rms on each speaker?

    I appreciate any help in advance...I know I'm not too clear on this but if you can answer anything, please do!

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    Re: Need some help with my setup...m1000 amp with 2 punch p3's

    WOW ..

    my first piece of advise is to let a professional or at least someone that knows what there doing fix your *system* ..

    Now onto your problems,

    Yes you need to run a direct fused connection from the battery using somewhere near 4 gauge wire at least ..

    then hook up your subs either paralel or series ,

    Dont go twisting wires together or any of that crap

    your power is gonna depend on how you load your amp ..

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