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    MB Quart RWE-352 review

    So, I've had these subs in for a week and a half, and i feel like I'm ready to review these things.

    I have 2 RWE-352s in 4 cubic feet, sealed, powered by an MB Quart PAB1200.1D. They are crossed over at 80hz with a -18/db slope. MB Quart's specified enclosure is 1.5cf sealed apiece, so I am 1 cubic foot above spec. This has been a double-edged sword; on one hand, the lows are nasty, but on the other, there has been a decrease in mechanical power handling. Their rated power handling is 700w, and I can easily reach their mechanical limits giving them 600w apiece. I can pretty confidently say that in the MB Quart spec enclosure, they'll take the 700w just fine.

    Anyhow, on to music. I mainly listen to rock and electronic-ish music (i.e. Postal Service and the like), with the occasional Jeezy when I need a bass fix. On normal listening, I keep the subwoofer volume around -5 to -3 (it goes from -5 to + 5). The MB Quarts just melt into the midbasses.

    Project 86 - Stalemate
    This song opens up with boomy, tribal-sounding drums, which move onto a thick kickdrum beat. I mean thick. Then, it progresses into a bass guitar line in conjunction with the drums. The RWE's aren't unclear or muddy, but tight and controlled. On the kickdrum, they're forceful, but not overly exaggerated or boomy. I cannot tell on the bass guitar where the sub stops and the midbasses begin. High regards.

    Ben Folds - Landed
    Landed has a great bassline. With the RWEs, it was very clearly defined and controlled. Neither overbearing nor absent. It was just clear-cut, clean and defined. Furthermore, the kickdrum remained natural and punchy.

    The Postal Service - The District Sleeps Alone Tonight
    This song has a very quick, precise drum beat. In the past, it had always sounded fuzzy around the edges. The Quarts reproduced it with wonderful quickness and punchiness. Towards the end of the song, the drum beat gets much thicker and heavier, and the RWEs complied wonderfully.

    Jeff Beck - Pork-U-Pine
    I've referenced this song in a few other reviews for being tough to reproduce. Most subs become muddy and everything bleeds together. Not so with the Quarts. Instead, they're just... absent. I was just kinda like "Uhh... where'd they go?" They sounded alright, but they didn't have the force and dominance I was used to hearing from them.

    Daft Punk - Harder Better Faster Stronger
    I really enjoy the synthesized, low bass beat on this song. It's low, but it's still punchy. The RWEs really thump on this song, and you can really feel 'em in your chest. They are very forceful and in short, they weren't messing around.

    All in all, I don't think it gets much better for the money. I got my pair for a whopping $203 shipped. Thats $101.50 apiece. In short, they just murder the lows. They're quick, punchy, forceful, yet don't stand out over the front speakers.


    2007 Red Ford Focus ZX4 SE
    - Clarion DXZ955MC -
    - MB Quart RSD216 - 2 MB Quart RWE-354 in 4 cubic feet sealed -
    - MB Quart DSC4125 - Audiopipe AP1500.1D - Optima Blue Top -

    Team High Sexage

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    Re: MB Quart RWE-352 review


    Yes that is a 5 1/4th audiobahn mid speaker in my civic's headrest. circa 2006.

    2000 Celica GTS

    Pioneer FH-X700BT
    Powerbass 2XL-60.3C 3 way
    Dayton Ultimax 15", sealed 4cuft
    Memphis 16-MC5.700 5 channel
    Knu wiring

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