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    What's the best sub/amp combo?

    I want to spend about $2500 on a new system. What are everybody's recommendations? I was thinking about doing most of the work myself, so I could spend up to 2000 on products. I don't necessarily want a dedicated SPL system, because I want it to be clean too. For subs I was thinking about the JBL pro power, or the RF HX2, or maybe the MTX 8000. For an amp I'd probably get a JBL 1200.1 or RF bd1500 or mtx 8000. Any ideas for front speakers and deck? Any other suggestions such as crossovers, equalizers, etc. greatly appreciated. This is going to go into an Eagle Talon. Thanks.

    Can nyone tell me how much any Oz stuff goes for, and if so, is it worth the price?

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    Did the Pyramid set up not work out? What did work and what didn't? Just curious about the Pyramid set up. The subs that you listed are good choices. I'd lean towards the JBL subs or the RF HX2 subs. For the amps I'd go for the JBL and RF also. If I were to buy a new deck, I would check out Alpine, Kenwood, Pioneer, or Clarion. For interior speakers I'd check out Infinity Kappa, Boston Acoustics, MB Quart or Polk. If it fits your budget I'd look into a 4 channel amp as well. As for other electronics, I would deffinately get a crossover. A crossover makes such a big difference in a two amp set up that I'd almost call it a necessity. The EQ also makes a big difference as it allows you to shape your sound to your liking, but I wouldn't worry about it unless you had money left over from the rest of the stuff. Have you ever heard infinity Kappa subs? If not listen to them before you make a final decision. The mix of SPL and SQ is one of the best.

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    go with Dr. Krankenstien! hook up your nintendo to it!

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    subs and stuff

    Hello my fello canadien friend.For subs if your gonna go with RF get the power hx2's they are meaner,I would also recomend audiobahn,eclipse alum,digital design,higher end subs are best recomended not only for those bad *** amps you wanna get but so you don't have to upgrade from mid grade subs in the future like alot of people do and regret 9 out of 10 times.The JBL1200.1 and the RF BD1500 are serious amps so good choice.For a head unit alpine's are nice but pricey i will prolly get another sony becouse they are cheap and kinda clean when you keep the gains down and the d-bass off.For speakers infinity kappa's,mb quart,higher end jbl's are nice.This is just my opinion.

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