I have been using your forum for research and decided to join so I could ask some questions.
I have an 05 Honda Accord. I am in the process of upgrading the stereo system piece by piece. So far I have installed Infinity Kappa 2-way speakers in the rear deck. I know the factory HU has EQ issues and will replace that soon enough. I have read the concerns about imaging but am ok with the results of the Kappa swap.
My goal is better sound quality with a little more punch. I don't need super loud, just want better sound and a little more punch.
I plan to purchase the sub listed in the title. My plan is to custom mount it to the arm rest opening in the back seat. Will I see a benefit over just leaving it in the trunk?
I am having trouble deciding on an Amp to run the sub. I am trying to decide if the JL A/4300 is worth the added$$ over either the Alpine MRP-M450 mono amp or maybe even the 4 channel Alpine version. Any input would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance
(Don't let the name confuse you. It refers to my passion for Hot Rod CTD pickups not sound systems