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    went out last night to finally hook up my K to see how it sounds and, wow, I got a scary surprise. The only amp I have right now is a p.o.s. phase linear that spits out somewhere in the ballpark of 75-100 watts so needless to say, I wasn't gonna base my ED opinions on this, I just wanted to hear the sub. Well, I hook it up, running 4 ohms and its sounding pretty good, not too loud, but its performing better than I expected, and BAM! all the bass cuts out and all I hear is popping everytime the kick hits. I go back to the trunk and watch my K try to move but its just more or less farting about 1mm each way. I thought I blew my freakin' sub, I was like NO ****ING WAY MAN!

    Anyways, turns out the the amp blew for some ungodly reason that I will figure out later. My buddy let me borrow an old PG amp of his, I think its running about 400 watts and it sounds GOOD, espically for a single 10" sealed in a grand marquis. I'd let you all know what the amp really is, but there are no labels on it, it just says Phoenix Gold, and its all white...oh well...

    so that was my dumb story for the day...

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    Wow thats gotta **** least ur pal let u borrow an amp lol tell us how it is

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