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Reload Thread: zane, can you please help w/ my system??

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    zane, can you please help w/ my system??

    ok, i'm stuck deciding between 2 12W3's in a "H.O. Box" two 12 type-r's, or my friend is friends with a small car audio store owner here, and he said he could get my 2 2002 15 L7's for 300. I've read you don't like kicker very much at all, however that's really cheap, and i'm stuck between those. I personally want enough SPL to make people's heads turn. However, i want atleast close-to-average SQ. What would you recommend, and if it's the L7's, then what amp because they're 1000watts rms, and i want a nice amp to make them sound nice as possible, but i don't want to spend a fortune. Any help would be greatly apreciated. Thanks

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    Its not that I dont like kicker, its just that they are not the end all superior sub some say they are. Fact is, there is no such thing.

    I would agree, for $300- the L7's would be a steal. No problems on the SPL side there, however, I personally find them a little too lacking in the SQ area for my tastes.

    The Type R's and the JL W3's are a nice blend of both worlds, the JL does top off on the SQ side of things, however the Type R is not far behinde, and easily tops the side of the SPL side between these two.

    I really have no complaints or problems with any of these subs, Alpine and JL have excellent support and backing of thier products. Kicker IMO- needs a little work in this area, as they did not show the best "customer relations skills" in working with another member of this site when he encountered a problem with his Solo's.

    All in all, a good amp for the any of the above would be the Earthquake PHD-2, also JL Audio 1000/1, Mmats D300, Genesis Monoblock, Rockford BD1500.1.

    All should provide enough power to push a pair of these subs quite well with excellent output.

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    hey i am the one who had the problem with kicker,
    the 15" was a sweet sub...if you are looking for spl go for didnt have as good as sound quality as some other subs i have heard...but **** decent for a 15"...i ran a bd1000.1 @ 1ohm and i fried the voice coil...well if you can get them for that price and deal with an authorized kicker dealer then i say go for it..
    otherwise i say the jlw3s


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