Hey guys,

Like the title said. I installed my stereo less than a month ago, 2 flame q audiobahn 12's in a big ported box. Well somehow they got my hatch open without my alarm going off and they made off with my subs and my 4 chanel amp for my speakers (not my txa, it was bolted to the box guess they didnt have a socket?)... *****

I wasnt happy with the flame q's as far as SQ goes, but with one txa 1000d and a 6cube box I thought the SPL shoulda/coulda been LOUDER

So now Im in the market to build a new box and buy 1 or possibly 2 new subs. What Im looking for is something to absolutely THUMP. I dont go into comps and probly never will, but I want this to be loud. I listen to all types of music but thats what the remote gain knob is for.... I want this to be loud as [censored] and hurt when it plays the right type music

What are my best options (cheaper the better) for a big spl system running off 2 txa 1000D amps? This car is my daily driver, and Im looking for the type of bass I once felt as a kid, bass that just kicks you in the chest and makes you remember it.

I cant really say I have a budget, but Id like to keep it around $300 shipped... I dont want this stuff getting stolen again so Im spending a little more on some upgraded security

Theres a guy locally with 1 18" treo with a fairly big amp i think, Id love to be louder than that if that sets a reference point