Im thinking about getting hor compression drivers..... I really looking into the image dynamics with the mid bass but then what should I do.........will I still need kick panels? and if so whould i jsy leave them without tweaters?...... and for the back somebody told me I should get adire Kodas...... should I get the whole set and put the tweaters up front in the kick panels... this will be in a suv... and I want the rear passengers to be able to hear he words.... and i want people outside to hear the words im probably gonna be runing about 2000 watts in bass.... so what shouls I do and would i really nee adire kodas or could I get the Image dynamics 2 ohm 7'' component set My subs are idmaxes and i would like to match and keep my stuff down to 3 companies well the speakers and stuff but if the kodas will be better i will get them